Sundays aren’t the only day to experience the sense of community that the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN) provides.


We offer many opportunities for meaningful involvement and lifelong learning.


We also have a strong commitment to service, as reflected in the social justice teams (see “Serve Others”) that draw congregational members into activities that make a real difference in our local community and beyond.


And, of course, we eat together, play together, party together, and celebrate together. Our list of social activities is a long one -- albeit all online at the moment!

We also care for each other and mourn together. We pride ourselves on our pastoral care program.


At UUCGN, we make a determined effort to weave the threads of individual lives into a larger fabric of community. Whether you are interested in meeting people, finding support, exploring your spirituality, or giving back, we are here to help you get connected. Explore — we probably have an activity that’s right for you!


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