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November 10

It seems far away, but in case you are thinking of attending the UUA’s General Assembly (GA) in June of 2023, you may want to get the date and location on your calendar. The next GA will take place on June 21 thru 25, in Pittsburg PA. You will be able to participate in person or online. More details will be posted on the UUA’s website at uua.org, especially in the several months leading up to the assembly.

In the meantime, if you want to get an impression of what sessions at GA are like, check out some of the many recordings made during the 2022 General Assembly. The on-demand recordings library is now available to the public. It holds over 80 workshops, worship services, and other events. Some recordings are no longer available due to copyright or agreements with the presenters.

Go to https://ga-recordings.uua.org/vod to view the list of topics, which are just a click away. (Note that you’ll see multiple mentions of “General Session I, II, III and IV,” which are lengthy discussions of policy issues and are probably not of particular interest to most people.)

Contact Kathie Gorski (Kathie.gorski@gmail.com) for more information.

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