Wonderful Wednesdays

November 10

Feed your mind, body, and soul….

A Wednesday evening gathering where we share a casual meal, get to know one another, and explore topics that nourish our minds, bodies and souls. We begin at 5:30 with a brief Vespers (a fancy word for a brief contemplative time), share a light dinner (we aim to have vegetarian and vegan options), followed by a program. The evening usually ends at 7:30. Come for all or part of the evening.

The Practice of Unitarian Universalism: a 3-part series with Rev. Tony Fisher Wednesdays, November 9, November 30 and January 11
Feel free to attend one or all of the sessions.

We choose to participate in a religious community for many reasons. In the case of Unitarian Universalism, it is often because it is a place that offers the freedom to find our own spiritual path in companionship with others on a similar journey. We seek a sense of integrity and wholeness not confined by creed. This is not always easy work, nor is it work that can be done in isolation. This is the impetus behind the three interactive sessions that make up “The Practice of Unitarian Universalism.”

Wednesday, November 9

Session 1 of The Practice of Unitarian Universalism will touch on UU history and theology but will look more to the developing changes that will help define Unitarian Universalist identity into the future. We will get you thinking and responding to some of the important ideas that have been instrumental in our UU journey.

Wednesday, November 30

Session 2 of this 3-part series asks us to consider honestly why we have chosen to become part of this community. What brought you here in the first place? What have you seen or heard or felt that has resonated? What has caused you to stop and think?

Wednesday, December 14

Holiday Sing-Along hosted by the Music Committee!!!

This is becoming a UUCGN holiday tradition – a festive and fun evening sharing favorite holiday songs, fellowship, and special holiday foods.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Session 3 of the series will look at the responses that have emerged during the previous two sessions and ask what those responses ask of us individually and collectively. How will you/we practice Unitarian Universalism as we have come to know it?

Wonderful Wednesday Evening Schedule:

5:30 p.m. – Vespers in the Sanctuary led by Rev. Tony
6:00 p.m. – Dinner on the Pavilion $10 per person, $20 per family 6:30 p.m. – Program

Please RSVP for the dinner portion only to office@uunaples.org by the Tuesday before the program.

For more information contact Kathie Gorski (Kathie.gorski@gmail.com) or Ann Fisher (annmfisher3@gmail.com)

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